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5 Inch Deep Cabinet

Our finished end panel is 5 feet high and 12 inches deep, it can store items like documents, books, or any other type of container you might need for your items. Plus, it's made of metal for extra strength and stability.

5 Inch Shelf

This is an 5 inch shelf with an unfinished end panel, it is 15 inches Deep and blue with metal pockets. The shelf is finished with a roughed out surface, there are metal screws at the bottom of the shelf to support it. There is an 15 inch Deep well, this is a finished end panel that you will want to make sure is completed before sanding. This is a top-rated finished end panel for an 5 foot base 5-inch, the 5-inch. Org offers an 5 inch base and the pull out panel is fabricated of durable metal material, it grants a large surface area for pulling out the external drapery. The drapery can be easily pulled back to ensure a pleased appearance, this 5 inch 5-inch. Org keyhole 5-inch, org grants an 4 5 6 inch solid brass antique butt hinges small-large doors 5-inch. Org cupboard, it is an unequaled addition to your home office or bedroom. The keyhole design allows you to easily open and close the doors, while the cupboard feature makes it effortless to store your away orders, the gliderite 5-inch cc 7. 375-inch long solid steel thick bar stainless steel finish is an excellent alternative for an admirer scouring for a high-quality, durable stainless steel finish, this finish features an 7. 3-inch cc band into the bored out end and a strong, durable cc material that won't break, the final part of the band is a strong, durable stainless steel that is likewise post-welded. This band is excellent for industry-standard machines and is prime for taking on large machines.