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5 Inch Exhaust Pipe Expander

This5 inch exhaust pipe expander is designed to help increase the width of your air conditioner exhaust pipe by up to 5 feet. This6 inch width is designed to be flexible so you can add or remove items without having to remove the entire pipe. This5 inch width is made in the usa.

5 Inch Exhaust Pipe Expander Ebay

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Top 10 5 Inch Exhaust Pipe Expander

This expander is designed to expand the exhaust pipe from 5 inches to 6 inches. It is also capacity to expand up to 60 feet. It is a easy to use, lightweight and strong equipment that can help your air conditioner breathe better and help to reach new heights. this powerful and sturdy expander can grow to at least 60 feet with only a sioux hill company. this 5 inch exhaust pipe tube is designed to expand up to 5 feet. This is perfect for an older vehicle that has a shorter exhaust system. The expander is made of flexible air-conditioner material that is easy to move around a vehicle. This tool will help to extend the exhaust system beyond what is currently allowed. this powerful and durable expander can expansions up to 5 feet and can be used to increase the length or width of an exhaust pipe. This expander is made from lightweight materials that don'tustrow and is easy to use.