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5 Inch Fabric Squares

This 20-inch Fabric is an exceptional substitute for starting out your crafting journey, it's 5 x5-inch square, and will create beautiful sew-and-cut quilt tops. It's terrific for making simple have-your-own-space quilts, or for creating a beautiful piece of craft history, this Fabric is basic to machine-wash and is super-strong.

5 Inch Squares

Our 5 inch Squares are made of 20 cotton Fabric and 5 inches of design, they are approximately 100 d and are sterling for 20 sqft homes. This is an 5 x5 inch quilting square made of 100% cotton, the square is crafty and charms with its smaller size and light weight. It is a fantastic choice for single-needle quilting and other small projects, this is an 5 in 1 Fabric that can be used in lots of ways. It is a precut Fabric that is manufactured from 50% cotton and 50% paper, it is cut into 5 inch squares. The tone of Squares is 100% cotton and the feel of the Fabric is sew-style, this precut Fabric is an unequaled surrogate for a chests or other large projects. The quilt pattern is 5 inch squares, with a Fabric that is 50 pc, the quilt is produced of cotton fabric-crafts. It will look 5 x 5 with a luxurious feel, the quilt will be made of cotton fabric-crafts and will have a cream color. It will be made of cotton fabric-crafts and will have a cream color.