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5 Inch Hook And Loop Buffing Pad

This 5 inch Hook And Loop Buffing Pad kit from wool Hook is a valuable tool for polishing your drill while you work, this polishing wheel extends a diameter of 5 inches And is wrapped with a Hook And band to keep your wheel in place. The kit includes a drill, hook, And wheel.

5 Inch Polishing Pads

This is an 5 inch polishing pads package, it includes 2 pads, a hook, And a disc. The Hook helps to Hook the pads to your hook, the disc helps to sand the Pad clean. This 5 inch wool Buffing Pad is a first rate surrogate to keep your sanding going while you work on a project, the Buffing Pad is fabricated of 303 pcs 2 inch 80-3000 grit sanding discs Hook Loop orbital sander paper pads. This 5 inch hex-logic Buffing Pad is produced of high quality blue Pad And renders a comfortable fit, it grants a durable construction that will last for your by-the-hand. This Pad also includes a hooked end for finishing touches, this 5 inch Hook And Loop polishing Pad is a practical substitute for people who itch to sand or polishing discs. It features 40-800 grit Hook And Loop pads And an orbital sander, this Pad is first-rate for people who desiderate to get that best-in-class 10-set sanding.