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5 Inch Portable Air Conditioner Vent

This is an excellent Air Conditioner hose extention coupling for use with motorcycles, cars, or planes, it is 5 inches in length and comes with a Vent hanger that can be attached to the end for added stability. The length of the hose is further adjustable through the ordering process.

5 Inch Ac Exhaust Hose

This is an 5 inch window interface adapter for Portable Air conditioners that connects to the exhaust hose of the Air Conditioner to allow the use of Air conditioning without using the dealer Air conditioning, this is an unequaled accessory for a sicko or home improvement project. This top deal is a top-notch answer to the needs of those who admire to take their Air conditioning to the next level, with this Air conditioner, you can now get an even more powerful and reliable motor. The wt Portable Air Conditioner can handle up to 6000 btus and can be reached with a remote control of up to 5000 btus, this Air Conditioner also presents the ability to Air condition any room in the house with its built-in Air conditioner. This 5 in inch Portable Air Conditioner hose is first-rate for use at home or at the office, it is fabricated of plastic and plastic material that is plastic. It is terrific for hotop cars and always an upgrade, this 5 inch Air Conditioner exhaust hose is ideal for connecting to a cold-end or hot-end. It is brass-clad and grants a clockwise trend, it is conjointly counter-clockwise and is about 5 inches long. It is threaded into place and gives a clip for attaching to a tool, the hose is basic to adopt and is packed with life.