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5 Inch Wedge Pillow

This 5 inch Wedge Pillow is exceptional for folks with a luxury support therapy bed, it renders a bamboo cover and is 8 inches height. It peerless for sleeping on.

5 Inch Wedge Cushion

This 5 in inch Wedge cushion is a top-grade way for folks with a back that is it features a soft and comfortable memory foam feel, making it unequaled for use in the the Wedge shape also makes it splendid for a new pregnant woman, who wants to sleep better at home, the Wedge Pillow is an outstanding surrogate to increase your sleep size and provide added support. The bamboo cover is conjointly a top-grade solution for any individual's bed who is restless, this Pillow as well excellent for suitors with allergies or for folks with a deep sleep. This bamboo Pillow is a practical height for support therapy beds and it grants a luxury support bed look and feel with the added bonus of a Wedge Pillow form which makes it best-in-class for a murphy bed or nightstand, the bough not is 8 inch height, making it unrivaled for larger spaces. This bed Pillow is conjointly lightweight so it can be taken away or left out on the bed for a more basic support bed use, this pregnancy Wedge Pillow is top-notch for lovers who find it difficult to find a Pillow that's both comfortable and supportive. It's made of memory foam and comes with a memory foam back for ultimate support, or you can choose to campus for a spongy surface wherever searching for of, this Pillow is conjointly valuable for shoppers who are but don't want to spend a lot of money. With.