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5 Inch Wide Elastic Band

This Band is fabricated with 5 inches of elasticity and is meant to last a long time, it is a high elasticity band, so it will have a high degree of stretch. This is a terrific Band for keeping on trend or for wearer who wants to wear their big body shirt for a change.

5 Inch Wide Elastic Band Walmart

This 5 inch Wide Elastic Band is unrivalled for holding tight to a project as it is comfortable to wear and can be customized to your needs, this Band is produced from a sturdy material that is further effortless to adjust for different projects. It is fabricated of 100% wool and is very strong and soft, it is a practical accessory for your sewing room or for use as a Band for parcels or other documents. This Wide Elastic Band is top-of-the-line for achieving a complex logo or design, it is produced of high-quality polyester and provides a stretch property that makes it top-of-the-line for a variety of applications. It is available in 5 inches and 2 inches, it is in like manner unrivaled for tight spaces or to hold onto a piece of fabric when sewing from one side of the fabric to the other.