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Patagonia Baggies 5 Inch

Patagonia Baggies 5 inches in large size, made of durable cotton and cloth, these Baggies offer extra comfort for your busy world. A through-hole design means they'll fit most phone cases, and an included pocket offers and sunglasses.

Patagonia 5 Inch Shorts

At patagonia, we know that you needn't ever need to worry about your clothes again, keep your style old school with our 5-in-the-drawer Patagonia baggies. Made from durable and breathable fabric, these shorts offer a comfortable and durable fit, plus, our prices are just right for straightforward travel. The Patagonia shorts 5 inch are versatile and comfortable alternative for the active person, they are made from durable and sturdy materials, making them durable for any activity. The fabric is post-consumer recycled materials, making them environmentally friendly, they are also water resistant, making them terrific for activities. The new 5 inch baggie from Patagonia is their new shorts, these Baggies are in black, large and are 100 nylon. They come with your substitute of stylish shorts or a nylon field, the shorts are valuable substitute to stay stylish and feel the performance of the baggies. The Patagonia Baggies 5 are top-rated way for a shopper scouring for a large, stylish bag, made from durable fabric and with a colorful design, the Baggies 5 is first-rate for any weekend getaway.