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Schlage 5 Inch Backset

This is an 5 inch Backset keyhole lock with an 4 x5 inch brass f-latch deadlock backset, it is designed to protect people and goods from being released from a situation.

5 Inch Backset Extension

This is an 2 x5 inch Backset extension, it's brass f-latch deadlock setter. It's a valuable set for home or those who wants to add an inch Backset extension to their work area, the Backset extension provides a large diameter which makes it straightforward to set and as well airtight. This extension can be used with a range of devices from phone to fax, the deadlock setter presents a heavy duty f-latch that is practical for a high-quality work area. The Schlage 5 inch Backset is a first rate surrogate for individuals searching for a sturdy and reliable latch, it is produced from brass and presents a deadlock backset, making it a common surrogate for many Schlage products. This Backset comes in both 2 x 5 inch and 4 x 5 inch sizes, are you wanting for a sturdy, old-fashioned Backset latch? Then you need the 5 inch backset. It's a quality, old-fashioned Backset latch that's made of brass, it's that strong and that reliable. and it's outstanding for use with 2 x 5 inch backsets, this is an 6"x5" Backset latch made of brass. It is deadlock-proof and can't be padlocked, it's a top-rated choice for and other places where a Backset might be necessary.